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I love Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thomas Hardy, Downton Abbey, Joe Wright, Claude Monet, Chopin etc. etc.


Everything can be fake: joy, pain, hate, illness, recovery… even love.

The Best Offer (2013)
Written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

Henry VII was King of England and Lord of Ireland from his seizing the crown on 22 August 1485 until his death on 21 April 1509, as the first monarch of the House of Tudor.


—Anna Karenina (2012)

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Cinema Paradiso (1988) dir. Giuseppe Tornatorefeat. The Firemen of Viggiu / I pompieri di Viggiù (1949) dir. Mario Mattoli

from ‘Cinema Paradiso’, 1988

"All men are repulsive," Sylvia said "don’t you think so, mother?"Mrs. Satterthwaite said: “I do not. Only a heartless woman would say so”. Parade’s End, Ford Madox Ford

Le problème, c’est que même si tu me disais “je t’adore” je te croirais pas! Je sais plus quand tu joues et quand tu joues pas. J’suis perdue. Attends deux secondes, j’ai pas fini… Dis-moi que tu m’aimes… Dis-moi juste que tu m’aimes. Parce que moi j’oserai jamais te l’dire la première, j’aurais trop peur que tu crois que c’est un jeu. -Jeux d’enfants (2003)


Anna Karenina, 2012

The Peto Water Garden at Buscot Park in Oxfordshire by Anguskirk on Flickr.


Say what?! A new film written by Emma Thompson about Effie Gray, a child-bride who fights to be released from her loveless marriage to John Ruskin (played by GREG WISE, Thompson’s real-life husband) to be with John Everett Millais, another famous artist?

There is literally nothing about this film that makes me want to not see it. THE BEST NEWS!

I mean, the last film I saw that Thompson wrote was Sense and Sensibility (the best one where she stars with Kate Winslet, Greg Wise and Alan Rickman)—this is a woman who knows how to write movies to be rewatched obsessively.

Effie Gray is coming to theatres in 2014. 

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More brilliant Peaky Blinders series 2 stills, these with cast mates Charlotte Riley, Joe Cole and Paul Anderson. And that gorgeous car! These are large, click to view full size. And check out the new trailer here.

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Gorgeous new poster of Benedict Cumberbatch in @imitationgameuk courtesy of the @telegraph