Period Drama

This is blog about books and movies, specially period drama.
I love Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thomas Hardy, Downton Abbey, Joe Wright, Claude Monet, Chopin etc. etc.


The Period Drama Meme | 4/9 Heroines: Daisy Mason (Downton Abbey)

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not afraid of electricity no more…well, not much.


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Ivy wall in Cambridge

"Of course. I had a friend once. Treated him like a dog. Adorable man, absolutely useless at seduction. Then he married someone else and I realised it wasn’t him who was absolutely useless- it was me."

Helena Bonham Carter in A Room With a View (1985), dir. James Ivory 

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❁ “But I don’t forget and I don’t forgive.” 

Aneurin Barnard as John Trenchard in Moonfleet, Episode 1

I have to watch it.:)

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ITV Where Drama Lives Autumn 2014

:) wonderful!

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Inspired by aboutstewart

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Proud dad.

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